Japan's Globalization

  • Japan's Globalization川上郁雄・Jhon Mock・杉田由紀子・朝水宗彦(編)
  • 2007年,くんぷる
  • ISBN: 978-4-87551-059-4


  • Introduction. Japan's Development and Globalization
  • 1. Social and Cultural Impact of Depopulation in Central Akita
  • 2. A Study of Internationalization at the Local Level:The Case of Aikawa Town in Kanagawa Prefecture
  • 3. Children Crossing Borders and New Educational Perspectives in Japan
  • 4. Education for International Understanding in Japan and School Visits
  • 5. The Japanese Teacher Dispatch Program:A Case Study
  • 6. Overseas Students in Japan‐Where is my place?
  • 7. Information Education of the World in an age of Globalization
  • 8. Tourism in Japan
  • 9. Development of Air Transportation in Japan and its Impetus to the Growth of Outbound Tourism from Japan
  • 10. Changing Trends in Japanese overseas travel:Implications for destination Guam